Hydrocortisone for Acne- Not to Be Used Prolonged

Do You Know Hydrocortisone Should Not Be Used Prolonged

face-acneSometimes lack information or half-baked information proves to be fatal. You may have heard of hydrocortisone. Not you? Well, it usually comes in the form of cream and is a simple steroid formulation. Well, this cream can do miracles for various kinds of skin related problems but the fact is that some skin condition may not be suitable for hydrocortisone cream and one of that skin related ailment is acne. Acne is a skin condition where your skin condition gets deteriorated because of excessive production of sebum by your sebaceous glands. When sebum produced by the sebaceous glands can’t be utilized by your body then it starts pushing your skin upwards resulting in excessive secretion of sebum and the hair follicles often clogged up with sebum, dead skin cells, dust mines and even bacteria.

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Benefits of Hydrocortisone for Acne

When you are being hit by bacteria then your body starts inflaming and you may also find your skin to be red. Hydrocortisone is the anti-inflammatory agent and may help in allergic reactions hence some doctor or dermatologist may suggest you use hydrocortisone for your acne because they assume that inflammation caused by acne may be alleviated and so the acne but do you know the risk factors of hydrocortisone for acne? Hydrocortisone_Cream1Well, you mightn’t be, if you use hydrocortisone for acne for a longer period of time then you may have to suffer severe complications and your skin condition may be deteriorated to the worse and the onerous complications may distraught you for rest of your life.

As you know acne is the result of imbalanced hormones and it mostly occurs in teenagers and in pregnant women. Most of the acne is self-curable and it may heal on its own, you don’t have to spend hours in order to treat acne. Therefore using hydrocortisone for acne may not be a sagacious decision for you as it may further deteriorate your skin condition that could be very perturbing for you physically as well as psychologically. As soon as you apply hydrocortisone topically its stats thinning your skin and makes your skin immensely sensitive to sunlight, pollution, mild soaps and shampoos and even your skin may be prone to some hard water as well.

Therefore using hydrocortisone may not be a wise decision for your skin and for your health. Yes, this cream may work for you if you have dry patches and if you encounter frequent allergic reactions but still I would suggest you to not to use this cream for a longer period of time or else you may have to suffer for life. If you have an exceptionally painful cyst, by all means, go and see a doctor or dermatologist – they may well even administer hydrocortisone for you. Therefore if you have half knowledge about any particular subject then first you should be inquisitive and get all the basic as well as advanced detail in order to decide what is good for you and what may harm your body. Instead of using hydrocortisone cream for your acne you can go in the shelter of the Mother Nature and you should use natural remedies that could be the best choice for you. Therefore my suggestion for you is that as far as possible don’t try to use hydrocortisone cream for your acne or else you may have to repeat for rest of your life. Click here to know some most effective home remedies for acne.

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