Adult Acne: Why You Get It, How to Fight?

Acne can be a part of everyone’s life. If, you are dealing with adult acne there are many ways that can help you to control it. You can get rid of acne by using simple methods. It is not just a teenager’s problem. Adults are also suffering from acne issues. We usually get acne because of oily skin and blocked pores. These pores are blocked by excessive oil, dust, hormonal imbalance and skin infections. If you want to get rid of acne then you have to know the reason behind of its development. Millions of women are dealing with the problem of acne. Studies suggest that in the case of women 50% of them usually get acne in their adulthood. In acne you might get red rashes on your face, back, shoulders and in underarm also. Today we are going to discuss about why you get acne and how to fight with this.

Some of The Most Causes of Acne

Hormonal changes

hormonal changes is reason of acneFluctuation of hormones such as menstrual cycle are one of the main causes of the evolvement of acne. Acne is common complication in adults, but anyone can get acne because of hormonal changes. Acne is very common in women. Most of the women use medicines to get rid of acne but typically it doesn’t work.




stress is the reason of acneAnother reason for hormone changes is stress. Whether you work full time, part time the changes of being stressed is always on. You have an organ named adrenal gland that makes your stress hormone active in carbohydrate and protein metabolism and put it out into the body to deal with the stress. Stress is one of the main reasons of your lots of problems. So try to cut down stress and feel happy.


pollution is the reason of acneAir pollution just puts a layer of crap on your face. Especially if you living in a city. There all over pollution around you, so you have to keep your face cover from pollution. Use suns cream before you go out sight, keep you face cover with any mask, quit to go in direct sun light.


Do not wash you face frequently 

 Do not wash you face frequently for acne problemOver washing your face can make your acne worse. Cleansing more than twice a day is too not wash your face instantly. Although it helps us in removing make –up, but still you have to balance the timing for washing your face.

Unhealthy foods 

We all have already heard that unhealthy foods like  chocolates, fried food items are cause acne. If you avoid these products then you can easily stop acne from preventing.


donot-use-excessive-amout-sugar-for-acne-solutionExcessive consuming of sugar is bad for your health and for many reasons. Sugar is not having a major effect on acne but sugar in combination with certain kinds of fats increase inflammation. Diet is not only the cure and cause for acne but you have to take it in a proper way.



Treatments for acne

Drinking Water

Drinking water is one the solutions that you can use. If you drink water in accurate quantity then your body will always stay hydrated. You have to drink at-least 6 liters per week to be hydrate.

Diet foods 

diet foodsAlways use proper diet if, you want glowing and acne free skin. Try to avoid junk food, chocolates, fried food items. And try to add in your diet vegetables, fruits, organic chicken, organic eggs and organic milk.

Stay stress free  

stress is the one of the reasons of hormonal changes. When you feel stressed your mind persistently thinks negatively to certain undesired circumstances. Try to make distance from those people who make you angry. Watch some comedy shows to lower your stress.

Dead skin

wash your faceThere are many dead skin staying on you face through air pollution. Try to keep your face clean use sun-cream before you go outsight. Cover your face whenever you go outsight. For that you can use face wash according to your skin.

No hairs on face

Try to keep off your hair from your face. The oil you use in your hair it can cause acne on your skin and shoulders. You can do ponytail. It helps you in acne from preventing.

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